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Solid Waste Disposal

For the collection of solid waste materials, we can provide open or closed containers to meet the customer requirements. Depending on the density of the waste, we can provide containers with a capacity ranging from 1.6 m3 – 40 m3. The collected refuse is transported to the Municipality Landfill for disposal in strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by special designed trucks.

These trucks with hydraulic lifting system and loading capacity from 15 m3 to 26 m3 are used for collection and disposal of compactable waste from 1.6 or 5.0 m3 (commonly known as 1600 and 5000 liter) roll-containers. The containers are emptied on location and refuse collected in the hopper of the truck. Once the truck is full, it will proceed to the dumping area.

The emptying of the 1.6 and 5.0 m3 roll-containers are carried out on a scheduled basis as per customer requirements. This service is rendered mainly to Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Camps/Compounds, Warehouses, Stores or any other location where compactable waste is generated.

For non-compactable trash concrete, etc. open containers ranging from 5 m3 to 12 m3 can be provided. The size of the container provided to the customer depends on the type of waste and density, or the available area to place the container at the site.

These containers (skips) are collected from the site by the hook truck and transported to the dumping area where the Container is emptied. The Container is returned to the Customer as per his request. Due to the large Quantity of waste transported the number of trips or frequency of emptying can be reduced. The 5 m3, 8 m3 & 12 m3 containers (skips) are commonly used at. Warehouses, Refinery and Petrochemical Plants, Factories, etc.

Special modified containers or custom made are available on Customer requests, such as: Oil Storage Containers, Site Offices, Tool Containers, Septic Tanks, etc.

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